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Company Profile

Zhejiang Deron Energy Co., Ltd. is a restructured company transferring from the former Overseas Engineering Division of Holley Group, which was one of the core business departments of Holley Group, mainly engaged in general contracting and investment and financing business related engineering for overseas energy engineering project.

Since it was founded, Overseas Engineering Division focused on four major areas, including new energy, environmental protection, contract energy management, overseas power generation and power transmission project. It is an important part of the overseas development strategy of the Holley Group. "Technological innovation, capital operation, and globalization" are our development goals.

From 2016, with the changing of Holley Group's strategic and the need for specialized operations, Overseas Engineering Division as a whole transformation was being turned into Zhejiang Deron Energy Co., Ltd. For the future, Deron Energy will focus more on investment in overseas energy engineering (BOT, PPP) project of development, financing, implementation, management and withdrawal, to become the overseas energy project investors and investment managers GP.

Zhejiang Deron Energy Co., LTD.

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