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WTE Project & Biomass Energy Project

Deron Energy committed to build an international investment and consulting industry group in the field of WTE. We focus on the market of “One Belt and One Road” countries and regions in south east Asia, the Middle East, etc.

Primary Competitive Advantages:

1. Be familiar with investment policies, rich in investment experience and overseas connections & channels which accumulated through the local subsidiary company or branch office.

2. Strong team with experience in developing and managing these projects.

3. Good at overseas project mergers and acquisitions, investment and financing.

4. Skillful in the overseas projects’ investment withdrawal mechanism, such as asset securitization.

Waste to Energy Project

With the countries’ economic development and city expansion, "garbage siege" has become increasingly serious social problem. At present, power generation from municipal solid waste (MSW) has been becoming an important option for the waste treatment.

With accumulated overseas channels and years of connections, we are focusing on the development of MSW power plant projection aforementioned countries and regions, adhering to the concept of "risk-sharing, benefit sharing, win-win cooperation", willing to cooperate with investors, home and abroad, on the development, construction, operation of the overseas WTE project.

Classic project case

Located in the northeastern Thailand, Udonthani MSW Power Plant Project was mainly invested by Holley Group and managed by Deron Energy, with 9.9 MW installed capacity, and 30 years concession period.

The project will provide service of MSW incineration and power supply. The MSW of that area will effectively realize reduction, recycling and harmless. Thus, we will set up a full life circle business model of overseas MSW investment project including development, construction, operation and overseas assets securization, which will bring not only significant economic benefits, but also huge social benefits for the host country.

The significance of the project:

1. Under the premise of strictly conform to emission standard, solving the “garbage siege” problem for the host country will be a project of improving the wellbeing of local residents.

2. Converting waste into treasure, and relieve local power shortage.

3. Oriented to "One Belt and One Road" strategy in China, transfer & export Chinese MSW treatment capacity and technology to host countries.

4. To promote the designing standard of MSW treatment industry in China to be applied abroad, which is the higher level of internationalization.

Biomass Energy Project

Biomass is a form of solar energy, which is renewable, widely distributed, and huge reserves. The biomass power plant generates electricity with the main fuel such as sawdust, palm shell, coconut shell, etc.

The biomass pyrolysis under the atmospheric pressure, oxygen-free environment, it can produce high purity, high calorific value of fuel gas, fuel oil and solid carbon which can be easily stored-shipped, sold, power generated and deep processed. And the whole process will not produce harmful gases such as dioxin as well as waste water.


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