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Power Plant Project

Since the electric power industry had been found, human society has been searching formore various and more convenient ways to develop the power industry. DeronEnergy had a profound feeling of the area since dedicated in electric powerindustry for many years. Setting foot in the power industry of thermal power, hydropower,wind power, new energy power, every successful project is an exploration and striving,every step is solid and firm.

We have been focusing on electric power plant project for many years and participating in turnkey basis contract of all types of electric power plant. We can provide all process service, including reconnaissance, design, manufacturing, supply, building, erection, testing, commissioning, power plant operation and operator training after the completion.

Coal-fired power plants

Coal-fired power plants generate electricity by the steam which is produced by the coal convert and make the turbine working. And the theory is depending on the steam, converting chemical energy into heat energy to convert mechanical energy into electricity through a generator. Coal-fired power generation is mainly composed of thermal system, fuel supply system, in addition to ash system, chemical water treatment system, water supply systems, electrical systems, thermal control system and the composition of the desulfurization and the denitrification system. Coal-fired power generation with the characteristics of a single large capacity and stable power supply unit fit for base load of power system.

Gas and steam combined cycle power plant

Formed by the junction of gas turbine and steam turbine, gas and steam combined cycle power generation is a thermodynamic cycle power generation which combined by the gas turbine cycle and steam power cycle. Gas turbine cycle uses the steam produced from the burning of gas or fuel to convert the heat power to mechanical energy to generate electric energy. Steam power cycle uses the waste heat circularly discharged by the gas turbine to create steam to make the turbonator generate electric power. The combination of gas turbine cycle and steam power cycle form the cycle which operates in the high temperature first and in the low temperature at the end through releasing heat to improve the cycle heat efficiency. Gas and steam combined cycle power generation has the characteristics of high efficiency and low emissions, water saving, cover an area of an area small, short construction period and good peak-adjustment performance.

Hydropower station

Hydropower station converts the gravitational energy and kinetic energy of the water into electric power. The process of the hydropower station is as follows. Draw water from height or water reservoirs, then convert the gravitational potential energy and kinetic energy into mechanical energy by turbine rotation which pushed by the water pressure or flow rate. Then, the water turbine rotates the generator to convert the mechanical energy into electrical energy. Hydrpower has the advantage of low cost, high efficiency, fast start, don't pollute the environment of the production process, can be applied to load, etc.

Wind power plant

Wind power plant converts the kinetic energy of wind into electric power by wind driven generator. Wind power has the features of clean, good environmental benefits, renewable, inexhaustible, short construction period, flexible installed capacity and large potential capacity. More and more countries have pay attention to the wind power plant. Wind power has tremendous development in recent years.

Solar photovoltaic plant

Solar photovoltaic power generation is based on the principle of photovoltaic effect, which uses solar batteries to convert the sun's rays into electricity directly. Solar photovoltaic power plant is comprised of solar panels, control equipments and inverters, and there is no moving machine in the system. Solar photovoltaic power has the features of renewable, safe and reliable, no noise, no emissions, without being limited by the resource distribution area, short construction period. Solar photovoltaic power is in a stage of rapid development.

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