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Energy Management Contracting Project

Energy management contracting is a new type of market-oriented energy saving mechanism, which is to pay the full cost of energy project by the saved energy cost. This energy saving investment approach allows customers to use the future energy-saving benefits for the plant and equipment upgrades to reduce the current operating costs.

In recent years, Deron Energy has been committed to the development of foreign engineering and energy management project. In the field of green lighting energy saving, we have accumulated a wealth of experience and professional team in the areas of building’s energy saving, and other fields.

Through the energy management contracting mechanism, we provide customers with integrated energy saving service and complete energy saving solutions, specifically embodied in: to provide customers with funds for energy saving project; to provide customers with advanced, mature energy-saving technology and equipment; to ensure the project quality of the project. In this way, we eventually realized energy or energy saving benefit for the appointment with the customer.

Main business mode

Contract-shared energy management business, contract-commitment energy management business, energy cost hosting energy management business

Case presentation

LED street lamp energy management contracting project in Mexico

To reduce the municipality’s energy expenditure, State Tabasco of Mexico cooperated with Deron Energy to upgrade the street lighting. Deron Energy was responsible for purchasing, transportation, installation and maintenance. Local government pays the project fee by power saved money in ten years.

The project help Deron Energy understand the Mexico market, accumulate a lot of experience in project operation and development and establish a solid base for similar project.  

Source of energy saving income and benefits collection methods

After the street lighting replacement work finished, the investment income of the project will be paid in accordance with the project contract and actual income of energy saving which is confirmed by acceptance letter.

The saving electric charge (or our investment income) will be charged by fiduciary mechanism.

Project risk controlling measures:

The project is insured by China credit insurance company, which effectively prevents the risks.

Operation mode

Transfer the package to the third party agency within 1~2 years or continue operating until the end of the term of the agreement.

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