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Power Transmission Line and Substation Project

 As the EPC project general contractor, Deron Energy integrated various resources inside and outside,built many benchmarking overseas power transmission line and substation project. Our project market has covered Pakistan, Rwanda, Venezuela, Bangladesh, the Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Venezuela etc. countries,transmission and distribution engineering capacity has covered 30KV-500KV transmission lines and substations, which establish Deron Energy as the general contractor, the general suppliers and the general integrator in overseas engineering.

Meanwhile, Deron Energy has established strategic partnerships with some well-known domestic and overseas manufacturers of power transmission products and power system design institutes. We have carried out extensive cooperation in the aspects of power transmission line products, transformers, switchgears, power transmission line and substation project. And depending on the overseas marketing network, well-known international brands, excellent marketing team and good customer relations, we vigorously develop the overseas market and overseas project contracting.

Deron Energy will further expand EPC business in the overseas power transmission line and substation project. We will build industry alliances, and ultimately to achieve the strategic objective of establishing overseas engineering development fund to developing overseas markets jointly. We are committed to become a comprehensive solution provider and integrated high-end service provider in the field of overseas project and build Deron Energy as a model of a first-class brand in future.

Performance Display

1. Rwanda national power transmission line and substation project

Deron Energy won the bid and implemented the project of Rwanda in three different areas including 33 kV medium and low voltage substation and line construction project, which is regarded as the Chinese companies in Rwanda's first power transmission line and substation project. The success of the project implementation, marked the new start of Deron Energy in overseas power transmission and distribution project.


2. Pakistan 500KV substation system engineering

Pakistan 500KV substation system engineering EPC project is located in SINDH Province which upgraded from 220KV to 500KV and comprised of design, manufacture, supply, installation, testing and commission signed in 2013. The project was the result of the cooperation between Deron Energy and partner, and totally performed by Deron Energy. With highest voltage level, the highest technical content in Pakistan, the project played a meaningful role in the Deron Energy transformation-upgrading and further exploiting in power transmission line and substation project.


3. Pakistan Power Transmission Line and Substation Project

The 132 kV power transmission line and substation project located in KHYBER PAKHTUNKHWA province of Pakistan was planned to connected hydropower station and current grid. The EPC general contract which including114 kilometers of 132 kV double circuit transmission line, a switching station’s design, supply, construction, testing commissioning.

This project was won the bid by Deron Energy, our partner and local agent, and formally signed in 2013. Located in the northern Pakistan, the weather condition is severe which makes the construction difficult. The success execution of this project has founded a good reputation for Deron Energy in Pakistan’s transmission market, developed the resource integration and project execution ability of Deron Energy stuff. No matter the cognitive level, operation mechanism or technical ability, market accumulation had reached new height, Deron Energy is gradually exploring a sustainable development road which suit our characteristics.

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